A. No. This is a free event for the public at the Scottsdale Old Adobe Mission grounds in Downtown Scottsdale. Due to its size, there will be limited seating for performances inside the Mission, itself. However, accommodations are being made to project and to deliver the sound of the performances on a large screen or wall outside the mission for guests who cannot fit inside.


Q. is this an appropriate event for children?

A. Absolutely YES! Dia de los Muertos is for everyone! In the tradition of the original events in Mexico, the Scottsdale Dia de los Muertos at the Old Adobe Mission is an all ages event for the entire family. Bring everyone! There will be arts and crafts, performances, music, and historical storytelling. Most importantly, there will be altares set up for visitors to remember their loved ones past and story sharing areas for people to share favorite stories about their families with each other.


Q. Will events only be spoken in spanish?

A. No. This is a community event and a true sharing of culture. There will be a mix of Spanish and English languages shared and spoken during this event.


Q. can I bring offerings or pictures for the altares?

A. Yes, of course. There will be a community altar erected precisely for this purpose. This is the core and corazon of Dia de los Muertos. Grandeza Mexicana, LORE Productions, and the Old Adobe Mission strongly encourage you to bring photocopy versions of precious family photos and discourage the bringing of precious family heirlooms, as we cannot be responsible for their safe return to your family. This is a public event and we cannot control all individual behavior.


Q. Will alcohol be permitted on site?

A. No. This event does not currently have a permit for public consumption of alcohol and consumption of alcohol is not permitted on the grounds of the Old Adobe Mission, Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Within walking distance, local restaurants will be serving their normal faire. However, we ask that all visiting members of the public respect the holiday and church grounds for what they are. Local laws will be strictly enforced.